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Kenza Fourati - Biography, Height & Life Story
Kenza Fourati was born in Lille, France. Kenza Fourati is a Model by profession, find out more facts, education, weight, and more.

In the world of fashion and activism, Kenza Fourati stands as a beacon of elegance, intelligence, and advocacy. Born in Lille, France, to Tunisian parents, Fourati has carved out a remarkable career that blends the glamorous world of modeling with a deep commitment to social and environmental causes. This article delves into her journey, achievements, and impact on both the fashion industry and the global community.

Nick Name Kenza
Real Name Kenza Fourati
Profession Model
Known for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, 2011
Nationality Tunisian
Age 35 years old (in 2022)
Date of Birth May 13, 1987
Birthplace Lille, France
Hobbies Shopping, Cooking, Dance
Religion Islam
Zodiac Sign Taurus

Early Life and Career Beginnings:

Kenza Fourati was born on May 13, 1987, in Lille, France, to Tunisian parents. Growing up, she was influenced by both French and Tunisian cultures, which shaped her worldview and ambitions. From a young age, Fourati exhibited a natural talent for modeling, drawing attention for her striking features and graceful demeanor. Her journey into the fashion industry began early, driven by a passion for creativity and expression.

Rise to Prominence in Modeling:

Fourati’s breakthrough in modeling came swiftly. She was discovered by scouts at the age of 15 and soon began appearing in editorials and fashion shows across Europe. Her exotic looks and poise on the runway quickly garnered attention, leading to collaborations with renowned designers and photographers. By her early twenties, she had established herself as a sought-after model in the international fashion scene, walking the catwalks of Paris, Milan, New York, and beyond.

Notable Campaigns and Collaborations:

Throughout her career, Kenza Fourati has been associated with several high-profile campaigns and collaborations. She has graced the pages of Vogue, Elle, and Harper’s Bazaar, among other prestigious fashion publications. Her ability to embody the vision of designers and photographers has made her a favorite for editorial spreads and advertising campaigns alike. Beyond traditional fashion modeling, Fourati has also ventured into acting and philanthropy, using her platform to address pressing global issues.

Kenza Fourati Activism and Advocacy Work:

What truly sets Kenza Fourati apart is her deep commitment to activism and advocacy. She has been an outspoken voice on issues ranging from women’s rights to environmental sustainability. As a proud Arab woman, Fourati has used her influence to challenge stereotypes and promote cultural understanding. She actively supports organizations that empower women and girls, advocating for education, healthcare, and equal opportunities worldwide.

Cultural Impact and Representation:

As a North African model, Kenza Fourati has played a crucial role in diversifying the fashion industry. Her presence has helped broaden the definition of beauty, showcasing the rich diversity of backgrounds and experiences that exist globally. Through her work, Fourati continues to inspire young women of Arab descent to pursue their dreams while staying true to their heritage. She remains a symbol of pride for Tunisians and Arabs worldwide, challenging conventional norms and celebrating individuality.

Personal Life and Philanthropic Endeavors:

Beyond her professional achievements, Kenza Fourati leads a life dedicated to philanthropy and family. She is actively involved in charitable causes, particularly those focused on education and healthcare in underprivileged communities. Her marriage to Egyptian-French actor Khaled Abol Naga in 2019 further solidified her status as a cultural icon, bridging cultures through love and shared values.

Entrepreneurial Ventures and Future Aspirations:

In recent years, Kenza Fourati has expanded her portfolio beyond modeling and activism. She has ventured into entrepreneurship, launching initiatives that promote sustainable fashion practices and ethical consumerism. Her entrepreneurial spirit reflects a broader trend among celebrities who are using their platforms to drive positive change in industries traditionally associated with excess and waste.

Awards and Recognition:

Over the course of her career, Kenza Fourati has received numerous accolades for her contributions to fashion and philanthropy. From prestigious modeling awards to recognition for her humanitarian efforts, she continues to be celebrated for her multifaceted achievements. Her ability to balance a successful career with a deep sense of social responsibility has earned her respect and admiration from peers and fans alike.


Kenza Fourati’s journey from a small town in France to the global stage of fashion and activism is a testament to determination and talent. Through her modeling career, advocacy work, and entrepreneurial ventures, she has reshaped perceptions of beauty and influence in the 21st century. As she continues to evolve professionally and personally, Fourati remains a source of inspiration for those who believe in the power of art, culture, and compassion to create meaningful change in the world.

Physical Stats:

Height 5 feet 10 inches (1.79 m)
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Dark Brown
Body Type Slim


Qualification New York Film Academy | New York


Salary INR 18 Lakhs Approx
Net Worth $1.4 Million Approx


Father Kamel Fourati
Mother Dora Bouchoucha Fourati
Mirtial Status Married

Favorite Things:

Favorite Food Chicken Rice
Favorite TV Show Mr Bean Series
Favorite Actress Shobana
Favorite Actor Ranveer Singh, Rajinikanth
Favorite Colour Green
was born in . is by profession, find out mroe facts, education, weight, and more.