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Kim Alexis
Real Name Kim Alexis
Profession Model
Nationality American
Age 60 Years 7 Month(s)
Date of Birth July 15, 1960
Birthplace America

Physical Stats

Height 5 feet 9 inches

I gave birth to my first son in April 1986. I thought it would be a good goal to get back in shape after having a baby if I ran the New York City Marathon. I ran in it November 1986. I had just shot the ‘Sports Illustrated’ swimsuit issue, so I was in great shape. – Kim Alexis

Former American super-model, actress, spokes model and mom,  Kim Alexis is known in the United States of America for being one of the top model of 1980’s with achievement like being the face of  Revlon’s premium Ultima II line in 1983 and appearing on cover of hundreds of reputable magazines back then.

Furthermore, she is also known as the model who stepped out of the box to reveal the inner life of supermodels.  By appearing in HBO documentary “About Face: Supermodels Then and Now” in her 50’s, she has helped people to understand the life of supermodels outside the modeling world.

As of 2014, her age is 54. Other wiki on her personal life can be extracted from Wikipedia’s biography on her.

With the height of 5 feet and 9 inches, blonde Kim was an average tall model in her modeling days but her body figure was always fit in her long acting career of more than 10 years. There’s no wonder she rocked the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue back then.

The major credit of her fit hourglass shaped body and shapely legs goes to her intense running habits since her teen years. Also, her body measurements are now known, but it’s probably equivalent to a person with fit hourglass shaped body of her age. Even at the age of 54, she looks mesmerizing in spite of being mother of 5 children, three of her own and one from her current husband’s previous marriage . Nevertheless, her current husband is none other than former NHL Hockey player Ron Duguay and the couple is happily enjoying their married life.  Their son name is Noah.

Furthermore, she has two children from her previous real estate developer husband Jim Stockton, Jamie Stockton and Bobby Stockton and they are already grownups. Factfully, Jim and Alexis divorce is said to be one of the most silent breakup ever happened in the world of celebrity.

One can find her hot and sexy pictures all over the internet. It is a known fact that she has never posed fully nude pictures in her professional career but her bikini pictures can compete with most complemented nude picture of this century. One can view a extremely hot picture of Alexis posing underwater by going to the following site.

Her modeling career is thought to be one of the most productive one with unimaginable high net worth. She was always praised by media and fans in her career. From her part, she was always interested in sports and she was fit and athletic by herself as well. Nevertheless, she used to make a man go crazy by posing in sexy swimsuits and always complementing those short little dresses with a smart smile. Perhaps, she was made for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issues by god.

One can connect her via twitter. Her Twitter tweet name is @TheKimAlexis and her twitter description is :

“supermodel, spokesperson, author, mother, marathoner and encourager to women.”

Moreover, it’s true that she is a patient of Hashimoto’s thyroiditis but she is in a recovering phase and in fact has near to fully recovered from it. She is proud of her decision back then to go to the endocrinologist despite of her busy schedule divided between managing her children and her professional career.

One can get more information on her by going to her official website: Here

Last but not the least, she is a proud woman who left modeling for her family and children Also, in her productive modeling career, she was known as a person who understood complications of being in the modeling field and also a confident person who always knew to talk right thing at right time. In an interview she said that her son thanked her for not posing in nudes. Furthermore, she defines herself as a conservationist.

Kim Alexis was born in America . Kim Alexis is Model by profession, find out mroe facts, education, weight, and more.


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