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Kim Sears
Real Name Kim Sears
Profession Artist
Nationality British
Age 29 Years 4 Month(s)
Date of Birth December 10, 1987
Birthplace China

Physical Stats

Height 173 cm
Body Type N/A

I’m Kim and welcome to my website, which is all about my paintings. I specialize in animal portraiture and occasionally undertake commissions, so for inquiries please visit the contact page. -Kim Sears (Description on her website) Born on December 10, 1987, in Barcombe, East Sussex, England, Kim Sears is animal portraiture and artist.

She holds a reputable degree in English literature from the University of Sussex.

Furthermore, she is best known in England as the supportive and independent girlfriend of the famous tennis star Andy Murray, a style icon plus an emerging artist, and a dog lover. As of 2014, her age is near 27 while her tennis star boyfriend Murray is 27.

They are dating each other since 2006 and have gone through a break-up period in 2009. Moreover, they are in deep love with each other but the conflicts between the two lies regarding their future life. Sears wants to eventually settle down but the boyfriend Murray is too busy for a long- long time because of his busy career.

Nevertheless, Murray in an interview has highlighted his gorgeous artist girlfriend’s dream to get widely recognized for her talents. So, one can understand they are a busy couple following their life’s dreams. Also, they are inseparable as a couple because they have shared the best memories of their life in their long dating relationship.

Kim supporting Murray on the sidelines while he plays the best tennis of his life: this scenario has rocked people’s television for many years. And who can forget that daring kiss Andy delivers after finally defeating Hewitt in the Sears-sap open 2008 and that timely glances of the gorgeous blonde on-screen all smiling?

One can check out a video of the match by going to the following site: Source: O2Q3FXU Other relationship rumors/ news including affair rumors about her cannot be verified. Both of them enjoy applying a low-key strategy in the media when it comes to their personal life. Anyway, the couple first met during the magical U.S Open in 2005 and since then the couple is together.

It is said that our tennis ace Murray overflowed Kim’s cell phone with numerous messages, ultimately building connections between the two lovebirds. Anyway, many people may regard their relationship to be weakening because of incidents such as Murray’s performing extremely weak in the Wimbledon 2014 and Amy looking not so happy during some of his past matches, but they are not likely to break up.

Every couple goes through thousands of arguments and cold times to be a successful couple. It’s been more than 8 years since they are dating and it proves their heritage of love. Nevertheless, Amy has helped Murray to control his aggressiveness and temper over these years.

The couple is one of the best-matched couples in the list of most talked about couples as Amy is an inspiring artist specializing in animal painting, looking good, and cheering Murray and Murray is a progressive tennis player/ icon who has a great deal of affection for Kim.

I paint other things too, but my favorite subject matter continues to be of the four-legged variety- wet nose and wagging tail optional.

I’ve got plenty of hobbies and interests but will say that my favorite things (apart from family, friends, and the usual) are tea, lots of chocolate biscuits, Classic FM, and copious amounts of Jilly Cooper. All at once. You think I’m lying…? – Kim Sears Now moving on to her body configuration, she is a gorgeous blonde with a toned pear-shaped body, a tall height of 5 feet and 8 inches, and long maintained hair.

Moreover, her fashion style is compared to the style of Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton. Also, she is the daughter of popular tennis player turned Coach Nigel Sears. Therefore, she knows the sports industry very well, especially the tennis industry.

It’s good to have a girl as your girlfriend who knows a lot about your industry and if the industry is especially related to sports. Don’t you think? If you like exceptional beauty and sweats from sports, you get to get relaxed by viewing the couple 2013’s Bahamas beach pictures where Kim is enjoying with fit Murray wearing a one piece on top of a hot yellow bikini.

Furthermore, Kim’s adoring fans would like to check out her blog, her Twitter account plus her website to follow up on her fun lifestyle, passion for painting and brushing, rocking personality, and simple looks–yet-dramatic-effect-pictures of Kim. Another wiki on her professional life can be extracted from Wikipedia’s biography of.

lus, YouTube would be a good place to gain video wiki on her. Last but not the least, those past “Kim is struggling to get a job while Murray earns millions” rumors are some crazy media hoaxes. Kim is an aspiring artist and indeed a successful one as of today. She doesn’t need a job. Silly! Post-lastly, their house is located in Scotland and they are one of the richest sports couples.

Also, Kim’s net worth is not known. Andy’s net worth is probably in the range of 40 million to 100 million.

Kim Sears was born in China . Kim Sears is Artist by profession, find out mroe facts, education, weight, and more.


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