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Leyna Bloom - Biography, Height & Life Story
Leyna Bloom was born in Chicago, Illinois, United States. Leyna Bloom is an Actress, Model, Dancer, and Activist by profession, find out more facts, education, weight, and more.
In the world of fashion, beauty, and activism, Leyna Bloom shines as a beacon of empowerment and change. Born in Chicago, Illinois, Bloom has defied societal norms and broken barriers throughout her career. From making history on the runway to advocating for LGBTQ+ and BIPOC representation, her journey is one of resilience, passion, and unyielding determination.
Nick Name Leyna
Real Name Leyna Bloom
Profession Actress, Model, Dancer, Activist
Known for Flawless (2018)
Nationality American
Age 28 years old (in 2022)
Date of Birth 1993
Birthplace Chicago, Illinois, United States
Hobbies Writing, Painting, Cooking

Early Life and Background:

Leyna Bloom was born on April 25, 1993, in Chicago, Illinois. Growing up on the South Side of Chicago, Bloom navigated the complexities of identity and belonging from a young age. As a transgender woman of color, she faced discrimination and marginalization but refused to let it define her. Instead, Bloom embraced her identity with unwavering pride and determination.

The Journey to the Runway:

Bloom’s journey to the runway was not without its challenges. Despite facing rejection and discrimination within the fashion industry, she persevered, determined to carve out a space for herself and others like her. In 2014, Bloom made history as the first openly transgender woman of color to appear in Vogue India. This groundbreaking moment marked the beginning of her ascent to fashion stardom.

Breaking Barriers in Modeling:

Throughout her career, Bloom has been a trailblazer for inclusivity and representation in the fashion world. In 2017, she made history once again by becoming the first openly transgender woman of color to walk the runway at New York Fashion Week. Her presence on the catwalk challenged traditional beauty standards and sparked important conversations about diversity and acceptance within the industry.

Advocacy and Activism:

In addition to her work as a model, Leyna Bloom is a passionate advocate for LGBTQ+ rights and racial justice. She uses her platform to raise awareness about issues affecting marginalized communities and to promote greater visibility and representation in the media. Through her activism, Bloom strives to create a more inclusive and equitable world for future generations.

Leyna Bloom Making Waves in Film:

In recent years, Leyna Bloom has expanded her reach beyond the runway, making a significant impact in the world of film. In 2018, she starred in the independent film “Port Authority,” becoming the first transgender woman of color to lead a feature film at the Cannes Film Festival. Her performance garnered critical acclaim and further solidified her status as a rising star in Hollywood.

Championing Diversity and Inclusion:

As a trailblazer for diversity and inclusion, Leyna Bloom continues to challenge stereotypes and inspire change in every aspect of her work. Whether gracing the pages of fashion magazines, walking the runway, or starring in films, she remains dedicated to breaking down barriers and creating opportunities for underrepresented voices to be heard.

The Power of Representation:

For Leyna Bloom, representation is more than just a buzzword—it’s a powerful tool for social change. By sharing her story and embracing her identity unapologetically, she empowers others to do the same. Through her work, Bloom reminds us that true beauty lies in diversity and that everyone deserves to see themselves reflected in the world around them.

Looking Towards the Future:

As Leyna Bloom continues to make her mark on the world, her influence shows no signs of slowing down. With each new project and initiative, she paves the way for greater acceptance, understanding, and equality. Whether on the runway, on screen, or on the front lines of activism, Bloom’s legacy will continue to inspire generations to come.


In a world where conformity often reigns supreme, Leyna Bloom stands out as a beacon of authenticity and courage. From breaking barriers on the runway to advocating for social change, her journey is a testament to the power of resilience, passion, and unwavering determination. As we celebrate her accomplishments and honor her legacy, let us also commit to creating a more inclusive and equitable world for all.

Physical Stats:

Height 5 feet 10 inches (1.78 m)
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Body Type Slim


Qualification High School Graduate


Net Worth $5 Million Approx


Father Toninho Cerezo
Mother Rosa Helena Medeiros
Mirtial Status Single

Favorite Things:

Favorite Food Chicken Parm
Favorite Actress Jennifer Lawrence
Favorite Actor Matt Damon
Favorite Colour Deep Pink
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