Lyse Doucet Bio, Wiki, Age, Height, Family, Net Worth

Lyse Doucet
Real Name Lyse Doucet
Profession Journalist (BBC)
Nationality British, Canadian
Age 61 Years 10 Month(s)
Date of Birth December 28, 1958
Birthplace British

Physical Stats

Height 6 feet tall or more

Lyse Doucet is a journalist and works for the BBC and is also their Chief International Correspondent. Her date of birth is on 24th December 1958, and she was born in Bathurst, New Brunswick, Canada.

She graduated in 1980 from Queen’s University at Kingston earning a bachelor’s degree in arts. There, he used to write for the university newspaper.

Then she joined the University of Toronto and earned a master’s degree in International Relations in the year 1982.

After completing her master’s level education, she volunteered to teach English in the remote places of Ivory Coast, with the Canadian Crossroad International.

Till 1988, she worked as a free-lancer in West Africa for the BBC and also some Canadian media. This period was of great importance and help to her as she that it had helped her in her future.

After she had returned from Africa, she was deployed to Asia, where she started covering news from Pakistan. She also worked as the BBC correspond for Islamabad till 1993.

Besides that, she has also covered news in Iran and Afghanistan. From 1995, she was stationed at Jerusalem from where she covered news from the Middle East for 4 years.

Then in 1999, she moved on to join the presenter’s team but never discontinued her field work. In the BBC’s Arab Spring, she was their main reporter and covered news from across Egypt, Libya, etc.

Apart from that, she has also covered the news on natural disasters such as the Tsunami and has also interviewed several important people and key players as well.

Besides that, she has also covered the terrorist’s attacks from Pakistan including the Al-Qaeda and the 9/11 attack. During her time in middle-east, she also wrote on the war between Palestine and Syria.

Born in 1958, she has reached and completed the first half of her life. She is now 58 years of age and has grown old. But the energy in her is still there, and even at her age, she has continued to work impressively.

She is a talented reporter and a multi-lingual person. She can speak very good English and French but is poor in her Persian accent.

In 2002, she was invited to the wedding of Afghan President Hamid Karzai’s brother. She captured the assassination attempt that went during that ceremony, and for that, she was awarded by the Royal Television Society.

She is very much single till date is not married to anybody as much as we know. She has no boyfriend or husband of any sort.

She has got a twitter account in which there are more than 60 thousand followers.

There is no any sort of information about her height on the web. But according to her pictures/ videos, it looks like she is not very tall. She definitely isn’t 6 feet tall or more.

Much is unknown about her family. It is said that she had a small family with her parents and a sister, who is a Professor in Canada.

Regarding her nationality, she is a Canadian citizen, born and bred. She belongs to the white ethnicity, and her religion is a Catholic.

Some years ago, people used to talk about her being a Jew, but she strongly protested and clearly stated her religious orientation.

Lyse Doucet was born in British . Lyse Doucet is Journalist (BBC) by profession, find out mroe facts, education, weight, and more.

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