Mario Lopez Bio, Wiki, Age, Height, Family, Net Worth

Mario Lopez
Real Name Mario Lopez
Profession Television host
Nationality American
Age 47 Years 1 Month(s)
Date of Birth October 10, 1973

Physical Stats

Height 5 feet 10 inches

Mario Lopez , his full name is actually Mario Michael Lopez Jr. , was born on 10 October 1973.His age is currently 41 years; measured 1.78 cm tall in height, is from San Diego, California, of Mexican origin and the Philippines. He is an American nationality; an actor and a presenter, he has worked in several TV series as ‘saved by the Bell’ which was the most successful series of the time.

In his real life, Mario Lopez was a fighter in the school. During his stay, came in seventh in the championship of the California State High School. His career of action began in 1985. Mario is a prominent drummer and has been seen in many of his performances playing that instrument.

In 1991, Lopez was in American gladiators; He was named by People magazine as the single most attractive person. He was married to Ali Landry and the wedding was held on 24 April 2004. Two weeks later, her marriage was annulled by alleged infidelities committed by Lopez during the relationship. In 2007 he was a presenter of several official beauty contests at Miss America, Miss Teen USA and Miss Universe.

Since 2008, Lopez has been together with the Broadway dancer, his girlfriend “Courtney Laine Mazza”. In March 2010, it was announced that Lopez and Mazza were expecting a child. The daughter of the couple, “Gia Francesca Lopez”, was born on September 11, 2010 in Burbank, California.

Mario Lopez an actor, a model and a presenter have become the typical famous who give away photos of his torso and his package to the paparazzi and in some of the sexiest Latino figures of the television for much that is worth seeing without a shirt and nip tuck. For Mario Lopez his body and bulge has become as essential to their work in accord to that has led him to the top of his success.

It is so excessive, and their tribute to the body that he begins to doubt their sexuality, as they exaggerated attitudes is placed into question, calling him as a gay man or gay.

But in 2012, announced that he married his partner “Courtney Laine Mazza” after four years of their relationship. The couple exchanged vows in Punta Mita, Nayarit, in a property that belongs to the American businessman Joe Francis. “Gia Francesca”, the two-year-old daughter of the couple, served as pajecito at wedding ceremony.

Mario has always endeavored to convey its Latin ethnicity to the Nena, spanking of her family and traditions, and that’s why they have chosen Mexico to celebrate the wedding. And in 2013, she is for the second time the pope of a child named Dominic Lopez.

The Mario Lopez is currently the presenter of show “America’s Best Dance Crew”, “The X Factor” and has been given to know that you will need a program type Oprah Winfrey in the new Internet channel NUVO TV, where the actress and singer Jennifer Lopez is its creative director. Also, he will be in charge of the program “One on One”” in which it seeks to interview of Latino figures from the world of show business, sports and politics.

You can also find him on the internet and see about his wiki and net worth and the other things in his biography. As he also writes, you can find about his nonfictions book, cook book and children book in Wikipedia and net.

Mario Lopez was born in . Mario Lopez is Television host by profession, find out mroe facts, education, weight, and more.

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