Max Kellerman Bio, Wiki, Age, Height, Family, Net Worth

Max Kellerman – Biography
Real Name Max Kellerman
Profession Commentator
Nationality American
Age 46 Years 5 Month(s)
Date of Birth August 06, 1973

Physical Stats

Height 5 feet 11 inches(178 cm)

Every person has its own identity to be different from rest of the people; person becomes the source of inspiration with the intention to influence the dignity of mankind. In the same way, Max Kellerman, an American boxing commentator and a host in sports talk radio has got the same traits as a establish celebrity, he is able to able to sway his fans to reach the height of  success.

Born on August 6, 1973, in the village called Greenwich which is near New York and he was raised by his supportive and caring parents. Apparently, he is involved in working as a color commentator on HBO World Championship Boxing and HBO Boxing After Dark. Kellerman, before he was known for his exceptional work during the time when he used to work for ESPN even in the radio and in the show called Friday Night Fights along with Brian Kenny.

In 2014, according to the survey done TSM Plug which is a Sports fanatic blog, it is manipulated that his yearly salary is net worth of $ 1 million dollars and considering his total income throughout his entire career is net worth of $ 6 million dollars.

Kellerman is the graduate student in history from Columbia University and relating to his first debut career in the field of Journalism is still fascinating because he started his job in his very early age on a New York City, when he broadcasted in the public access television cable TV program based on professional boxing named “Max on Boxing”. Then, he went on to be the analyst for Friday Night Fights on ESPN, slowly and steady, he gain immense popularity and was able to influence the entire regular viewer of ESPN Channel.

After the success during his period in ESPN where the channel provides News, Videos, Photos and Podcasts, he was like a celebrity who began to optimize those opportunities and was able grab number of offers from very reputed sports nation channel like CNN, HBO and ESPN. Besides being as a host for sports news agency, he also made his appearances as an actor in the movies such as The Line and The Wedding Bout.

Max Kellerman seems to be open minded person and extrovert that expose himself in media and talks about affairs related to personal matters. The best thing known about him is that he is a married man and his wife Erin is a mother of two daughters, Sam and Esther. His family is considered to be happy family with small in size they often have a chance to give a proper guidance to their children. As a matter of fact, regarding relationship issues between them there has not been any serious issues and in order to create a concrete proof of their well-being, hopefully they have not divorce yet.

Max Kellerman is also attracted towards music with regards he has already shaped his intro music on his ESPN Radio show. Along with his brother Sam who is a rap artist, he is the group member of a hip hop group named “Max and Sam” which was signed under the Columbia Records in 1994.

5 feet and 11 inches tall in height, Max Kellerman who roused to be a popular host presenter once was even fired for his bad performance but with his determination and persistence capability he was able to tackle those challenges and never gave up during his entire career.

Through, social networking sites like twitter, Max also likes to keep in touch with his fans and share his thoughts and feelings. His detail information can be found on wiki and IMDb.

Max Kellerman was born in . Max Kellerman is Commentator by profession, find out mroe facts, education, weight, and more.


Net Worth $6 Million Dollars


Mirtial Status Yes