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Puja Gupta - Biography, Height & Life Story

Puja Gupta was born in New Delhi, India. Puja Gupta is a Model and actress by profession, find out more facts, education, weight, and more.

Puja Gupta, an epitome of versatility, grace, and talent, has made significant strides in the realms of modeling, acting, and philanthropy. With her radiant charm and captivating presence, she has carved a niche for herself in the entertainment industry. This article delves deep into the life, career, and contributions of Puja Gupta, unraveling the various facets of her persona.

Nick Name Puja
Real Name Puja Gupta
Profession Model, Actress
Known for CEO of maternity clothing brand
Nationality Indian
Age 35 years old (in 2022)
Date of Birth January 30, 1987
Birthplace New Delhi, India
Hobbies Reading, Writing, Power yoga, Horse riding, and watching movies
Religion Hinduism
Zodiac Sign Aquarius

Early Life and Background:

Puja Gupta was born on January 6, 1985, in New Delhi, India. Raised in a culturally rich environment, she developed a passion for the arts from a young age. Blessed with striking features and an innate flair for performance, Puja embarked on her journey towards stardom.

Rise to Prominence in Modeling:

Puja Gupta’s tryst with fame began when she ventured into the world of modeling. With her tall frame, graceful demeanor, and magnetic aura, she quickly caught the attention of renowned designers and photographers. Her breakthrough came in 2007 when she won the title of Miss India Universe, catapulting her into the spotlight.

Exploring the Silver Screen:

Building upon her success in the modeling industry, Puja Gupta set her sights on the silver screen. She made her acting debut in the Bollywood film “F.A.L.T.U” in 2011, where she showcased her acting prowess alongside established stars. Her performance garnered praise from critics and audiences alike, establishing her as a promising talent in the film industry.

Puja Gupta Versatility and Range:

One of Puja Gupta’s defining traits is her versatility as an artist. She effortlessly transitions between different genres and mediums, demonstrating her range and adaptability. From portraying glamorous roles in commercial blockbusters to delving into more nuanced characters in independent cinema, Puja continues to push the boundaries of her craft.

Notable Works and Collaborations:

Throughout her career, Puja Gupta has collaborated with esteemed directors and production houses, delivering memorable performances in an array of films. Her notable works include “Shortcut Romeo,” “Go Goa Gone,” and “Sniff,” where she showcased her acting chops and garnered critical acclaim.

Beyond the Silver Screen: Philanthropy and Advocacy

Beyond her accomplishments in the entertainment industry, Puja Gupta is also actively involved in philanthropic endeavors and social advocacy. She uses her platform to raise awareness about important issues such as gender equality, education, and environmental conservation. Through her work with various charitable organizations, Puja strives to make a positive impact on society.

Personal Life and Inspirations:

Despite her busy schedule, Puja Gupta remains grounded and rooted in her values. She draws inspiration from her family, mentors, and experiences, which have shaped her into the person she is today. Her dedication to her craft, coupled with her humility and integrity, serves as a guiding light for aspiring artists everywhere.

Challenges and Triumphs:

Like any journey to success, Puja Gupta’s path has been marked by challenges and triumphs. From navigating the competitive world of modeling to establishing herself as a credible actor in the film industry, she has overcome obstacles with resilience and determination. Each setback has only fueled her drive to excel, propelling her towards greater heights of achievement.

Legacy and Future Endeavors:

As Puja Gupta continues to make her mark in the entertainment industry, her legacy grows evermore indelible. With each project she undertakes, she leaves an indelible impression on audiences, captivating hearts and minds with her talent and charisma. As she looks towards the future, Puja remains committed to pushing boundaries, breaking stereotypes, and inspiring others to pursue their dreams.


Puja Gupta’s journey from a small-town girl with big dreams to a celebrated icon in the world of entertainment is a testament to her talent, perseverance, and passion. Through her modeling, acting, and philanthropic endeavors, she has touched the lives of millions and left an indelible mark on the industry. As she continues to evolve and grow as an artist, one thing remains certain: Puja Gupta’s star will continue to shine brightly, illuminating the path for generations to come.

Physical Stats:

Height 5 Feet 6 Inches (1.63 m)
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Body Type Slim


Salary INR 25 Lakhs Approx
Net Worth USD $10 Million Approx


Father Roshan Lal Gupta
Mother Savitri Gupta
Mirtial Status Single

Favorite Things:

Favorite Food Chicken Rice
Favorite Actress Shobana
Favorite Actor Mohanlal
Favorite Colour Blue
was born in . is by profession, find out mroe facts, education, weight, and more.