Sara Eisen Bio, Wiki, Age, Height, Family, Net Worth

Sara Eisen
Real Name Sara Eisen
Profession News Anchor (CNBC)
Nationality American
Date of Birth 1971 (Age 42-43)

Physical Stats

Height 1.63 m (approx.)

Finally, it time to write biography on new correspondent for CNBC, Sara Eisen. Her career as correspondent at Bloomberg was successful and she joins CNBC in December 2013.

Many  employees of Bloomberg left the channel in the year 2012 and 2013 due to Bloomberg new strategic plans to man future course of actions under leadership of new Ceo Justin Smith and  Sara is one of them.

I guess you folks remember the skirt incident occurred during one of the segment of Market desk at Bloomberg-TV. There happens a moment in Bloomberg-TV where Sara Eisen who sits in the Market Desk appears to be caught off guard with her dress hiked up and something that looks like a device is seen strapped between her legs.

She deals with the incident professionally by quickly covering up and discussing the issue. Bloomberg describes the incident as a technical error. Media describes it as a supporting device for her microphone or microphone pack. But a theory appears from people describing it as a sexual device because of its unusual appearance.

You can check out the video and judge by yourself. We name it “The skirt incident” and categorize it under one of the awkward moment in television. Anyway her thighs looked hot. We will give her credit for that.

We don’t know her exact age but she is speculated to born in early 70s. There isn’t much information about her personal life in internet. We can confirm that she is a married woman. Her husband name is not revealed in the media.

The couple has two sons and no any rumors about her divorce are available. Therefore, we can say they are happily married. Other rumor about her relationships include she had a boyfriend very long time ago probably during her university days. It is said that their relationship didn’t work because Sara preferred career in journalism over him.

She is a hot eye candy with height of 5’ ft 6” inch. The color of her eye is blue and hair is white and gray. Her salary is projected to be around $400,000 annually after she moved to CNBC. She holds master degree in Business Journalism from the Medill School of journalism, Northwestern University.

She was popular at Bloomberg for her coverage of European Debt crisis, the tsunami aftermath, Fukushima Nuclear crisis in Japan and global business related issues. Now she works for CNBC anchoring variety of CNBC business day programs as needed and is well-known for her coverage of the foreign exchange.

You can also find news from her relating to finance and business from her twitter page. We hope she doesn’t suffer from that sort of skirt incident at CNBC. She usually wears short skirts and the beauty with brain doesn’t mind some cleavage of her thighs and legs. If we find any new wiki about her, we will sure share with you guys in coming future.

Sara Eisen was born in . Sara Eisen is News Anchor (CNBC) by profession, find out mroe facts, education, weight, and more.

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