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Sarah Monahan
Real Name Sarah Monahan
Age 43 years old

An Australian actress Sarah Monahan was born in Sydney, Australia in 12 April 1977.popular actress from Hey Dad! Sarah started her career as in-house model in children’s clothing line.

As her father was a fashion designer, she got start in the industry. At the age of six, she gave an audition for the role of Jenny in Hey Dad! Where she was try impressing her producers and directors by her ability to read the script more fluently even at small age.

This attempt of her in Hey Dad! Lead her to achieve success in her field. She attended a private school with super model Sky Nellor at Sydney.

37 year old actress Sarah was also seen in Son and Daughters in 1982. And again in 1999, she was seen in Little White Lies. Even though she acted in few films, she was able to gain popularity, name and fame among the people.

In 1995, Sarah Monahan returned to Australian television as healthier in another Australian soap opera named Home and Away and Pacific Drive performing a non-speaking role.

In March 2010 beautiful and charming Australian actress claimed that she was sexually abused by Robert Hughes in between 1987 to 1994 in the set of Hey Dad!, With Woman’s Day magazine.

Due to her such interview with Woman’s Day magazine, Hughes was arrested in London on 9th august 2012.due to her such action against sexual harassments, we can know her as a brave actress in America.

After that in April 2014, Hughes was found being guilty of abusing girls. She also became an inspiration and gave courage to other victim girls. Then brave courageous actress of Hey Dad!, Was asked to be a brand ambassador of   Australia’s leading child protection advocacy group, Brave hearts.

Sarah with charming eyes and bold beauty has sexy figure with hot and sexy legs and feet. Talking about her physical appearance, she is a lady with brown hair having height 1.5 m. She also has attractive and photogenic look.

Due to her hard working and intelligence, she is still seen in more than 100 televisions and print ads. After her attempt against sexual abuse, she has become a hero to many victims and so many reports against abuse came forward. She is found to be very friendly and good with her co actors and star.

Being a popular Australian actress, she is followed by many of her fans all over the world through her blog and different social networking sites like face book, Instagram, wikiTwitter etc. there is also many fake accounts created in her name so one should be aware whether the account really belong to the Australian actress.

She also conducts many crews and is seldom appeared in public. Daily her photos and pictures are published in Google like other networking sites along with her biography and imdbtall actress is famous for her kindness and mutual understanding with people.

Talking about her personal life, she was first married to Mario Rosa. Her martial relationship with Mario Rosa wasn’t successful so she was again married to matt morris since November 22, 2202.

She is also a caring mom and a wife along with an ambassador of Australia’s leading child protection advocacy group. Due to her such qualities and achievement within a short period of time, she is very much demanding personnel who is mostly followed in search engines and television shows.

Sarah Monahan was born in . Sarah Monahan is by profession, find out mroe facts, education, weight, and more.

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