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Sherri Shepherd
Nick Name sherri
Real Name Sherri Shepherd
Profession American actress
Known for her role as Ramona on ABC's Less Than Perfect (2002).
Debuts first trailer for new talk show
Nationality American
Age 55 years
Date of Birth April 22, 1967
Birthplace Chicago, Illinois, United States
Hobbies Photography. Food, Italian. Music, Ghazals
Religion Christianity
Zodiac Sign Taurus

Physical Stats

Height 1.55 m
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Natural Black

She wanted me to be happy being a house-husband, but when I told her I needed to work for my sanity she got angry. Sherri didn’t understand why I didn’t want to just stay at home and take care of the kids, Jeffrey, and the new baby on the way.”

Sherri Shepherd Story

Welcome to the 21st century and its strange stories. If you don’t know, women are far less powerful in Eastern cultures (especially high context cultures), and most of them have to obediently obey their beloved husbands like a low-ranked soldier obeys his senior officer. It sounds like a generalization, doesn’t it? Yes, sure it is.

Anyway, the majority of people in Eastern culture believe in joint family and collaboration unlike individualism preferred by Western c.

Thus thus, a problem is dealt with with a collaborative effort in Eastern culture. Also, the divorce rate is low in Eastern societies as compared to Western. But, the eastern culture’s bad aspect is that men are more powerful and they don’t feel shy to assert power over women.

However, the other way around story is different. Western cultures (especially low context cultures) prefer individualism. In western culture, everybody takes their own decisions and people tend to respect each other personal space.

So, if there is a problem in a western family, then the problem has to be dealt with right away by the one who has it. However, the problem with Western culture is that it may lead to large numbers of broken families as people tend to take immediate decisions unlike the collaborative problem-solving approach adopted by Eastern families.

Sherri Shepherd Marriage Status

Now, moving on to the subject matter, on this lovely day, we will be discussing the failed marriages of the 47-year-old The View star Sherry Shepherd who is known for her strong views in the show and now, as of 2014, she is getting a lot of media coverage because of her one of a kind relationship issues with her former husband Lamar Sally, 43, an ex-high school teacher/writer who claims to have compromised his career to look after the internal household upon being mentally pressured by his shopaholic and care-free wife Sherry.

According to Lamar, the surrogate-born baby Lamar Sally Jr. was abandoned by unkind Sally even after the decision to go for the baby was a mutual one.

According to some verifiable sources, the couple first met in an award show that happened to be on the west coast in early 2010. After that, some encounters on other occasions were enough for the two to get connected. However, they were supposedly introduced by Sherry’s comedienne/actress friend Niecy Nash.

Lamar Sally married the single mother in August 2011. And, in late 2010, various media stated that The View star Sherry was hoping Lamar to propose her at the time.

She got so happy later when Lamar proposed. Sadly, 2014, both of them filed for legal separation on May 2, 2014. However, Lamar has also claimed that thaSallyho initiated their divorce. Moreover, he claims his ex-wife Sherry hasn’t even seen the surrogate-born baby Lamar Sally J.r once – since his birth on August 5, 2014.

Sherri Shepherd Affairs

Now, moving a little out of topic, if what Lamar says is true, his life has been like a suffering married woman in Eastern cultures, the woman who has to follow everything that her earning husband says, and in Lamar’s case, his earning wife says.

Lamar also has disclosed his part of relationship-revelations to like Sherry bribing him to go away with the baby taking $150,000 from her, and even telling him hard words like “It’s your sperm, not my egg so it’s YOUR baby.”

Sherri Shepherd Life

On the other hand, ex-legal secretary Sherry has adopted a mouth-closed strategy on these issues. According to some reputed sources such as and, Sherry’s case would be to prove to the court that the entire game plan for Lamar since the wedding was to use the baby to collect child support money from her once they had divorced, and hence it was not her that forced Lamar to go for the baby, but it was Lamar who tried to bring his dirty politics in their relationship.

Also, according to various sources, Sherry has recently claimed that her ex-husband Lamar stole 20k from their joint bank account before their divorce.

Sources say, Sherry already has acquired the bank’s recent bank statement, which she would be used in court to prove that her husband took the money.

Sherri Shepherd Real sides

Anyway, in this mess, the real sides that will have to suffer will be the surrogate and the baby. Sources claim, that the surrogate who is mid 30’s single mother would get in more trouble than she asked for if Sherry can claim Lamar as a cheater- as in turn, it would prove that the surrogate process is Lamar’s plan to acquire some money from her, and hence, she would have the right to object to paying anything to either Lamar, the surrogate, or the baby.

Moreover, Lamar has also claimed that Sally was the one who paid around 30,000 US dollars to the surrogate and, thus she has no right to back out from her further responsibilities. Right now, the baby is on temporary medical insurance under the government’s name.

Sherri Shepherd Alone

Furthermore, Lamar says he declined $150,000 from Sherry when she asked her to leave her alone taking the money and the kid. But, he doesn’t want to do that- as their whole marriage along with the surrogacy decision was a mutual one. Rather, he would sue her demanding child support money or return to her responsibility of being the kid’s legal mom. But, Sherry doesn’t seem to want the child, a report states.

According to some online sites, Lamar and Sherry’s court battle will start in Pennsylvania on October 5, 2014.

Anyway, the last time Sherry fought a court battle, she won the case battle against her first husband Jeffery Tarpley, who sued her earlier this year demanding their 2005-born son Jeffery Jr.’s temporary physical custody- claiming she is an irresponsible mother to their special-needs son. However, the court made its decision in favor of Sherry as she was successful in proving the man an absentee father.

Sherri Shepherd Finances

Moreover, Lamar has also publicly criticized Sherry for buying expensive things carefreely and not keeping her financial details up to date when they were married. Furthermore, he has also claimed to have managed her finances as a manager for free when they were together hehe has also blamed Sherry for not giving enough time to his stepson Jeffery Jr. Back then.

Undoubtedly, now, Sherry has to fight another court battle against her ex-husband Lamar, with whom it is said she decided to have the second baby when they were married. But, after doctors said Sherry that she couldn’t get pregnant any more -as she had already undergone complicated surgery when Jeffery Jr. was born, the couple may have gone to a surrogate.

Plus, Sherry experienced tough times when she was in her 20s from going through several abortions to having to fight her family issues like managing her drug addict sister. Not surprisingly, Sherry’s fans are hoping the court decision to be in favor of Sherry.

But, on the other hand, many people also think that Sherry should fulfill her obligation to the newborn despite her differences with her on-welfare husband Lamar Sally.

Sherri Shepherd Businesswoman

Furthermore, Sherry enjoys a massive net worth of around 10 million to 15 million US dollars and she is 5 feet and 1 inch tall. The 47-year-old author, businesswoman, actress, and comedian have lost around 40-60 pounds this year, and now weighs around 169 lbs with a fit body and toned legs, thanks to her balanced diet and exercise strategy.

Plus, she has got a humorous personality and sexy dressing sense. But, the fit apple-shaped Sherry is not only the one who can brag about massive weight loss. Her ex-husband Lamar has also claimed to have lost around 50 pounds during their divorce time.

Anyway, many people are beginning to ask a crazy questions to either side over the internet.

For example, people are mainly asking Lamar the questions like, “If you are out of work and your wife is working hard to keep the house finances running, then, why are you complaining about times when Sally, your earning wife, asked you to be a house-husband?”

And, people hope to get answers from Sherry for questions like” If you went into the surrogacy process with Lamar in mutual understanding, then, why are you holding back now?”

Sherri Shepherd Personal life

Nevertheless, if the court asks the ex-couple to look after Lamar Jr. as his father and mother, then Sherry would have to be a loving mother to two children altogether i.e. to her son with Jeffery Sr. namely Jeffery Jr. and the surrogate-born kid Lamar Jr., Lamar Sally’s son. If that happens, she will have a hard time taking time from her busy professional career to look after both the kids.

Mainly, she is known for her roles in acting projects (TV shows, movies, Broadway, or talk /reality shows) such as Top Five, Cinderella, Sherri, Newlywed Game, 30 Rock, Less than Perfect, The View, and Everybody Loves Raymond.

Sherri Shepherd Social

Sherry’s fans can connect with her via social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Another wiki on her professional and personal life can be accessed via Wikipedia, IMDB’s biography on her, and other web articles on her.

Sherri Shepherd was born in Chicago, Illinois, United States . Sherri Shepherd is American actress by profession, find out mroe facts, education, weight, and more.


School Name Community Consolidated School
Collage / Uni University of Michigan
Qualification Graduate


Salary $2 Million Per Year
Net Worth $10 Million


Father LaVerne Shepherd, Lawrence Shepherd
Mother LaVerne Shepherd
Wife Lamar Sally, Jeff Tarpley
Sister three sisters
Children Lamar Sally, Jr, Jeffrey Charles Tarpley Jr.
Son(s) Lamar Sally, Jr, Jeffrey Charles Tarpley Jr.
Mirtial Status married
Mirrage Date August 13, 2011, March 10, 2001

Favorite Things

Favorite TV Show How I Met Your Mother
Favorite Film A Week Away
Favorite Sport Football
Favorite Colour Red, Black & White

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